Initial and Continuous Customer Risk Assessment

Profiler is a powerful integrated risk management platform that includes a comprehensive matrix of solutions that will accelerate and perfect your risk tracking and mitigation efforts. It is a solution engineered with the most robust, cutting-edge technology in the industry and can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems

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How Profiler Works

Risk assessment is a science that requires real analytics and significant processes behind it

Profiler is In-built with standard measures that classifies Risk categories for different customers based on Political Exposure that could be related with Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. This System runs a continuous customer screening and due diligence reporting, from onboarding through the entire lifecycle providing risk ratings.

Profiler provides a variety of assessment tools to measure and predict consumer risk as well as an array of reports and search services that let you monitor the financial integrity of customers.

Profiler on the Go! APP

In the current world of mobile, your organisation can take advantage of risk assessment on the go using the Profiler mobile app.


Administrative Dashboard

Reporting dashboard to visually track, analyze and display key indicators meeting the specific needs.

Initial Risk Rating

Initial risk assessment for customer at the time of account opening.

Continuous Risk Rating

Continuous risk rating for all customers based on account activity.

Periodic Accounts Analysis

Accounts are evaluated on a regular basis to keep track of risk status

Active Directory Integration

Profiler is easy to integrate with organizational active Directory for efficient user management and control


Notification triggers exists for critical risk when identified, in order to ensure immediate mitigation

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

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Profiler is a Risk Assessment Platform that help Identify organizational risks, evaluate their impact and implement strategies to mitigate their impact.

Profiler works by measuring the risk tendency of Account Holder, x-raying their financial history and offering a continuous rating on their status based on activities on their account and others.

Profiler is design for you by Banks and Financial Institutions to identify areas of exposure and how to mitigate the risks.

Yes, Profiler has several integration implementation scenarios that will suit your needs

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